Smart Energy

The cost of living rises every day, but so does the sun. Harness the power of solar energy, eliminate unnecessary costs, and spend your money on the things you love.

Smart Home

Streamline the operating systems of your home for comfort, ease and personal peace. Pick and choose from some or fully integrate all our unique smart features.

Smart Life

Peace of mind is a journey. Like all adventures, it starts with a leap of faith. Take that leap with Vyvue and let us deliver the tools to help you achieve a greater sense of peace.

why go solar?

Let your home reflect what you value

Take advantage of the long-term benefits of energy efficiency savings.

Tax Break

Right now Oklahomans receive a 30% tax break for the entire cost of their solar panel installation, equipment and labor. This will fall to 26% by 2033,
so get your solar energy now and
let the savings shine down. Call us
today to find out how you can afford
to save.

Cut Your Chaos

Your life has endless demands. Take “Did I lock the door?” off your worry list and streamline your home into a smart home so you can check on it from the carpool line or Cancún, Mexico.
Lower the shades and turn on the living room light from across town or across the globe.

Increased Home Value

Housing markets are up, then down, then up again. Don’t worry about the wave. Focus on adding value to your home and if the time comes when you want to sell, you will feel confident that your home stands out from the rest. Call us today to find out how you can create a home you love.